• What are the Entry Requirements ?

    Leaving Certificate is not required, however for you to sucessfully engage with and participate on the course you wish to apply for, your suitability for the course will be based upon, your interview, educational history, references etc. For specific course requirements see individual course pages.
  • Are Student Grants Available ?

    There are PLC grants available for full time students. See http://www.susi.ie
  • What will i be asked at my interview ?

    What do you know about the course/ modules etc

    Why are you interested in this area?

    What are you hoping to do after you complete the course?

    Have you done any work in this area, paid or voluntary?

    Are you aware of the Work Experience placement in this course?

    Do you have any contacts in this area?

    What are your strengths?

    Tell us about yourself.

    What will you do if you do not get a place on this course?

    Is there any particular area of the course you are interested in?

    What are your IT skills like?

    Do you have any Computer access?